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December 12, 2011

Nokia Connects You #7

It’s a design-led issue of Nokia Connects You this week and, with the myriad of Nokia Connects coverage focusing on the design themes within mobile technology, it’s time to throw the net out a bit farther and see what other design spectacles we can find out there in the big world wide web.

1. ‘Sky Frames’

First, to Singapore! Where this ‘vertical city’ building design really has begun to make waves with the locals –

Collecting 231 apartments over 31-storeys, this stunning piece of structural design is the brainchild of Dutch architecture firm, UNStudio.

The killer feature for us? Those openings at the bottom and mid-way up the building itself. Referred to as ‘Sky Frames’ these areas will apparently feature swimming pools, gardens and barbeque areas…

We’re unsure if this construction has actually been given the go-ahead quite yet but, either way, can you imagine the views?!

2. A first day experience

A diversion at this point, we think. One of the aims of Nokia Connects You is to look outside of the world all things Nokia and to seek out and share the most arresting and inspiring pieces of content we can lay our hands on. However, that creative jumping-off point doesn’t always manifest itself in the form of videos or images, no no – sometimes it’s just a thought or a phrase that can really trigger those synapses.

Today we’ve come across something like that from the ever-insightful and entertaining, Chris Brogan. His recent visit to a yoga class has got him thinking about how you go about designing the best first day. How do you do it? What kind of features should it have? Where would your head be at if it was your first day?

Certainly something worth thinking over, we recommend taking a look and letting Chris know…

3. Designing for future travel

This futuristic design concept car from Toyota is apparently a ‘vision of the future of driving’.
Our favourite bit?

“The whole body and interior is an internet-connected display.”

4. Lunar love

Drifting away from our theme momentarily to gaze up at the moon and the stars to look at this gorgeous photo from this past weekend’s lunar eclipse.

There’s a much larger collection over on Design Your Trust.
Go, see and be inspired

5. New Design Benchmarks


Finally, it couldn’t be a design round-up without mentioning the ‘extraordinary piece of industrial design’ that is the Nokia Lumia 800. Friend of Nokia Connects and all ’round sharp-eyed creative person, James Burland, has been extolling the virtues of Nokia design and has even gone so far to announce that the Lumia 800 is the new benchmark in smartphone industrial design.

That’s quite the statement.

We suggest jumping over and seeing what evidence James has gathered to support this claim.

Happy reading!


Until next time…