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December 13, 2011

Tweeting in a Winter Wonderland

‘What’s that all about then?’ I can hear you thinking. I can, I can really hear it.


Well, allow me to explain. We’re looking to change things up a bit on our Twitter page, and we want your help. Your photos could appear on our page, and we’re changing it every week, so everyone has a chance to have their pictures showcased.

It can be simple like this from @bickov

Courtesy @bickov

Or something a little more complex, like this from @brookswealth

Courtesy @brookswealth

A few questions you might have:

What format should I submit them in? Anything Twitter-friendly. A JPG or PNG is probably best.

What subject should I feature? Anything you like (we’ll choose the best each week), taken on a Nokia – thought I should mention that – but this week’s theme is ‘Winter Wonderland’.

How will you find it? You’ll have hashtagged it #amazingbackground

What’s the catch? There isn’t one.

So send us a Twitpic of your suggestion, and we’ll contact the winner to get the original file. You have until midnight GMT on Sunday (this will be the same every week) and the new picture will appear sometime on Monday.

The picture at the top of the post by KOMINTERN is a perfect example, an N8 snap that ticks all the boxes (has a Winter theme, was taken on a Nokia, is a JPG.

So, got something we could use? Or Can you think of a scene we’d be interested in? Looking forward to seeing what you submit @Nokia_Connects