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December 14, 2011

Nokia X7: is it for you?

Taking a look at a phone’s specifications on a piece of paper is all well and good. But what I want to know is what makes people say ‘Yes. That is the phone for me.’

Sometimes the specifications might be enough for you, but I reckon for most people there’s more to it than that. To the un-trained eye, it can be difficult or even impossible to figure out just what exactly a mobile is good for from a wall of spec jargon. This is why it’s excellent to see somebody going through all the effort for you by showing exactly what the X7 is good at and who might be interested in bagging one for Christmas, or any other similarly festive occasion that I will leave up to your own imaginations.

via nokianews

Daniel “warmth” Delgado explains the X7 and its perks – and anything you think that might have been missed – perhaps doesn’t meet Daniel’s grade! He thinks the X7 is physical, hardware focused and all about the gamer inside you.

“For me this is the most confortable design Nokia has ever made for gamers”

There’s more to uncover from his review, of course, and we don’t want to spoil that for you. As always Daniel invites you to jump over to Nokia News and post in the comments section if you have any questions. Or you can reach out to him on Twitter!

Photo taken with X7 + flash by Bobby

It’s not a huge surprise when we look at our second perspective of the X7, some of the points glossed over in Daniel’s rendition are shared. However, in Bobby’s review he does mention a few drawbacks for you to take into consideration.

“Pheeew! When it comes to Games (especially High Definition – HD Games) on the Nokia X7-00, I lack words enough to explain the magnitude of Joy experienced.”

How do you feel about the information and opinions expressed by our two X7 commentators (for want of a better word!)? Do let them know in each of their comments sections and ours as well. We’re keen to get your feedback and perspective. Drop me a line on Twitter too, if you’d like to be involved in trialling and reviewing some Nokia stuff!