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GLOBAL – Premium fitness app Sports Tracker will hit the ground running when it is released for the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 tomorrow.

Available free at the Marketplace, its developers, who originally created the app for Nokia in 2004, have been racing to get it ready for the Windows Phone format.

They’ve completed the first lap to deliver basic tracking features, training diary and sync to web with social sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

But there are more features coming for what Sports Tracker developers see as a very exciting platform to develop on. And the Windows Phone tile format makes it easy and efficient for one-handed operation by fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

After launching in 2007 as a Nokia Beta Labs app, it became the company’s most popular app with millions of users. Eventually the trio who invented Sports Tracker, Ykä Huhtala, Antti Sorvari and Jussi Kaasinen took over the project as a spin-off from Nokia in 2009.

Since then they’ve developed apps for all Nokia platforms.

Mr Huhtala said: “Windows Phone is a very competitive platform for mobile development especially if you have any previous experience in developing with Microsoft’s tools.

“The same tools can be used in developing for mobile devices and it’s extremely easy and fast to get up to speed in developing apps.”

To celebrate, Sports Tracker will be launching a competition on their Facebook blog to win a Lumia 800. To find out how to download the app go here. Sports Tracker even has its own blog. Now checkout other fitness apps for your Windows Phone.