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December 16, 2011

Nokia winter photos: some of our favourites!

As much of Western Europe and East Coast America braces itself for a smattering of seasonal snow, we decided to bring together a collection of your best snow pics from across the web, of course all taken on Nokia phones…

via mrsapplegate

First up is the candid cat shot above by mrsapplegate on Flickr. She’s expertly captured the shocked expression from Sammy, her devoted housecat as he eyes up the snow through the window.

Next up we have this mysterious moment by Paul Bevan, using a Nokia N82. “This shoe seemed to have been abandoned in the snow in a car park at Aberystwyth University, makes you wonder what story it has to tell” he explained on Flickr.

via Paul Bevan

Ever wondered what a forest of trees covered in snow looks like? Chiva Congelado, from Mexico, caught this amazing shot of a forest in Finland with a Nokia N80

via Chiva Congelado

Hugovk spotted this collection of footprints in the snow in Brittany, using a Nokia 7610. That’s a dog, human and a cat, just in case you were wondering!

via Hugovk

Your turn

Planning on taking a few photos over the holiday season? Then make sure you let us know in the comments section or tweet us the pics @Nokia_Connects.