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GLOBAL – They just don’t make those old movies like they used to. Films where a First World War hero swoops through the skies in a biplane to destroy the enemy by laying down a barrage of pain through use of a machine gun, and sweet barrel rolls. Thankfully, Rise Of Glory is the perfect game that lets you adorn your goggles and flying jacket.

The simple aim is to defeat the enemy by shooting them down while avoiding being shot down yourself. You can do this in two different ways, by selecting either Campaign or Quick match from the play menu.

Rise Of Glory

If you choose the Campaign option, you’ll be taken on an adventure of 12 chapters placing you into similar scenarios that fighter pilots would’ve found themselves in during WWI. Obviously, you’ll not be fighting the Red Baron right away, you’ll need to build up your skills. You start with a simple single-engined plane. You must earn your stripes.

For those who just want to jump in on the action, Quick match is a great choice. From here you can pick your plane and go out on a free-for-all, or any one of the other game types.

Rise Of Glory dogfight

Controlling your fighter is really easy to do. Want to fly left? Tilt the phone to the left. Want to fly right? Well, you get the idea. To fly faster you must press the accelerate (forward) button on the left and to slow down, press the one below (backwards) that button.

Firing is done by pressing the little round button on the right of the screen, or as I realised a bit further into the game, also the dial on the bottom right. Friendly fire will not be tolerated, so make sure you only shoot down the bad guys, highlighted in red, not blue.

As this is an Xbox Live game, when you progress through the game you’ll be able to earn up to 27 achievements that will add to your Gamerscore online where you can even climb to the top of the leaderboards. Unfortunately, there’s no multi-player online gaming through your Xbox as this would be an awesome addition to make this action-packed game even better.

Rise Of Glory costs £2.99 and is available as a free trial to give you a taster of what to expect before you buy.

Have you played Rise Of Glory? Let us know, below.