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The greatest selection from this week’s global music scene, be it new or old, chosen by your resident Nokia Conversations music maestro, DJ Brewatune. See what else you can find at  Nokia Music Store.‪

AKB48 – Peelgreems

AKB48 have nailed the Japanese pop scene lid shut with a blast of pop reality, mixed in with some delightful dashes of western blue grass melody. Culturally, Japan is almost  spiritually connected to this outfit’s music. And this video highlights the youth and vibrancy that its music scene offers. AKB48 produce an enchanting foray into the world of a young girl, full of life. It’s a carefree approach that the entire youth of today have in common, that feeling of freedom and uncaged philosophy.

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Udo Lindenbery – Cello feat Clueso

A girl with a Cello… it’s the tale of a musician who strives for her place in the sub-culture of Germany’s live music scene. She strives and pushes, but ends up playing to the city, not its people. Her passion is reciprocated by Lindenberg, who’s video illustrates a live performance and the passion they share through their own music. Flamenco stylings can be detected in this masterful performance to a packed Hotel Atlantic, Hamberg, for German MTV Unplugged.

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Kary Ng – Here we Are

Discover a beautiful voice in the form of Kary Ng, a passionate and powerful alto turned solo princess. Imagine yourself on a deserted beach, far away from mainstream society. She produces easy flowing wisps and melodic curls over a blissful piano. The beautiful scenery reflects how Kary feels about the world. Amid the splendour and grace of mother nature, she reflects that everyone has stresses and strains in their lives. But she urges us to put all that in perspective. Despite everything, we live in a beautiful world. 

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LMAFO – Sexy and I know it

These boys don’t even know the meaning of the word “huge”, their cheekiness and appetite for cocky makes them a cut above the rest. Their alternative videos have gone viral on YouTube and Vimeo. So 100 million+ people cannot be wrong, right? Entering the mainstream with possibly this summer’s biggest party tune, LMAFO have achieved the mega fame they rightly deserve. This is an electro vibe that would zap your dog. There’s no escape from feeling the rhythm. Not everyone could pull off that robot headset though!

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 Nightwish – Storytime

Take metal, crank it up horror-style and amplify it by 11. What more could you want from a rock outfit. The tone may not be to everyone’s taste, but who cares! What a laugh these guys must have filming. They’re nuts! Metal bands are the innovators of crazy rock, the inventors and owners of  an attitude that screams “I couldn’t give a rats!” But if you listen to the lyrics, this band of others have a tale to tell. As a group, they are tight, the drumming is spot on and sets the tone right from the off.

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