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PORTLAND, OR, United States – Being a guy, especially one who’s doing so many things at once, I can be forgetful. Also, there are many things I see during the day that I want to capture for future reference. That’s why for me, Evernote is a very useful weapon in my digital arsenal. 

Based in San Francisco, Evernote offers one of the most useful cloud-based applications out there. Available for both Mac and PC, Evernote comes into its own on Nokia Windows Phones. Quite simply, it is a digital locker that can store anything you want to remember. This can include any text snippit, webpage, emails, images, or via the Mac or PC client, an audio note or video note.

Here’s how I use Evernote:

  • Christmas lists: for everyone on my shopping list, I keep a list of potential gifts and ideas. I can even snap a photo of a product with my phone and attach it with the note if needed. I can also make a record of products at stores I want to remember for future.
  • Remembering meeting notes: Rather than keeping notes in Word or some other utility, I use Evernote. I keep notes for every project I’m on, with a notebook for every major project. I can even snap a photo of a whiteboard and input it as a note or written notes if I don’t happen to have my computer nearby.
  • Easily accessing travel plans: whenever I book travel, I use Evernote by forwarding the confirmation emails. This way, I can easily search for hotel and air bookings.
  • In the kitchen: I love remembering recipes by pasting them in through the Epicurious site or by even taking a photo of them if the recipe is owned by a family member. Again, but using Evernote’s ability to recognize text and handwriting, I can search for ingredients to find a recipe easily.

Windows Phone and Evernote

Because Evernote is potentially available wherever you need it, mobile devices are perfect  for this cloud service. The Lumia 800’s ability to capture images, position itself via GPS and record audio with the built-in microphone, makes it a great fit with Evernote.

I enjoy being able to create new notes and edit existing ones by adding audio and picture attachments. Also, the Windows Phone Evernote application can present the location of all your notes on a map.

A Windows Phone exclusive,  you can pin any note or notebook to the start screen for faster access with a tap of the thumbtack button.

Evernote is one of the sharpest tools in the box. How do you use Evernote? Let us know in the comments field below.