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December 20, 2011

A ringing Nokia N8 endorsement

It’s not often we concentrate on just one post here @Nokia_Connects, but this one’s special.

In a half-retrospective, half present-day examination of the state of his mobile usage, The Tech Bishop explains why he has come down firmly in the corner of the N8.

The main reason, it seems is the hardware, and this is

“why I am still so fixated with the N8”

It’s a fair point. The software inside a phone can be improved upon, updated and tweaked, but the hardware is pretty much fixed once you have it in your hands. Which is why he’s stuck by the N8 despite his initial reservations about the software (especially an email bug), but this might not have affected the regular user. Now that Anna has landed and Belle is on the horizon, he reckons it brings the OS ‘much closer’ to the competition.

…and about the competition, he describes the app fatigue that he quickly reached when he was trying out other OS’s. The ‘Oooh, that looks shiny, I’ll download it’. Result – loads of hardly-used apps. So he started deleting them, and ended up with a list that

“suspiciously resembled the apps I had installed on the N8”

The reasons he loves the N8 so much don’t just extend to the hardware either (well, you know, he has as much praise for the camera as everyone else). There’s the rapid GPS lock, FM transmitter, quality of the speaker units (all of which help him when running), which compare extremely favourably to competitors such as the Samsung SGS2.

So, that’s what The Tech Bishop thinks, what about you? Head over to leave him a comment, or let us know why you are an N8 fan @Nokia_Connects.

While you’re deciding which superlatives to use, have a look at this video review from TechnoBuffalo (loves the hardware, has issues with the software…)