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December 20, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800 review: inside out

As everyone is fast getting to grips with the latest flagship, thoughts, experiences, reviews, videos, gripes and pensive pondering have been surfacing all over the place. Let’s take a look at a few shall we?

Doing his usual thing of diving right into a handset and pulling it apart piece by piece is Dawid. He states early on that there’s not much point going into details with the hardware, since you can find out how highly he spoke of it in his N9 review. Although there are a few differences – ‘noticeable but fairly minor’  – the one most welcome is the dedicated camera button.

“Great addition in Lumia is dedicated camera shutter button, which I missed a lot on the N9”

“Simply speaking, both the Lumia 800 and N9 are extraordinarily designed, solidly built and very good looking handsets which are pure pleasure to look at, hold in hand and use. Period”

So the rest of his review is mainly about what’s inside, on the screen and how well everything works in the OS. His conclusion is there too, let him know if you agree or have any questions.

For our main course we have a different approach to the Lumia 800. This one lists all of Stephen’s likes and dislikes, which can be perfect if you want to know if this phone is for you. First off let’s go through a couple of likes to get you started. Speedy – Stephen finds the Lumia fast and hasn’t experienced any kind of lag, always a good thing to hear about a smartphone. Xbox Live gets a mention too because being able to chat to your contacts from your phone can be extremely convenient!

“User interface – At first I wasn’t a fan of the tiles but found they’ve grown on me very quickly. The whole UI is a joy to use and is just so simple to get to grips with. Love the transitions between screens and apps which along with subtle design touches really adds to the experience”

A few of the dislikes are mostly things you can get on the N9 but are not present on the Lumia. Like being able to double tap the screen to unlock it and the sleeping screen clock. Although these seem minor they might be worth considering! Anyway, make your own mind up.

Finally, number three, the last but certainly not least is another different perspective. Not so much a review, but a look at what is on Michael’s Lumia. This is going to be mega useful to anyone who hasn’t had a chance to see what is available on the Lumia 800’s marketplace yet, or if you’ve just got one and want to get started with apps.

So to start, Michael mentions Rowi, which he says is quite simply ‘one of the best Twitter clients available for Windows Phone’. Well, there you have it, if you want an app for Twitter you know where to start. Saying that though, if you use and swear by something else please feel free to shout about it in the comments.

After skipping a few we come to one that caught my eye especially called, SurfCube 3D Browser. This app apparently does exactly what it says on the tin, an alternative browser with a 3D interface which is packed with features. Granted not all of that is on the tin…

Take a look at the below video from Jay’s Lumia app a day series…

There we are. Lots and lots of information to digest! If you have any questions, comments or queries do not hesitate for one moment and get involved. We’d love to hear from you @Nokia_Connects too. 🙂