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GLOBAL – It’s going to be well nigh impossible to knock Angry Birds off its perch as the No1 game this Christmas but we think Implode! could come close. It’s the perfect time-wasting game, available for the Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800.

Graphically this game is really simple, as is the game play. The aim of Implode! is to cause mass destruction to a variety of buildings using strategically-placed explosives. The debris then has to fall under a certain predetermined level for you to win more points. The lower you go, the more points you win.


Like the best of casual phone games Implode! incorporates the laws of physics. So that when something blows up, it looks real.

As you progress, you’ll win extra explosives that do more damage, but of course you’ll be presented with buildings that are harder to destroy. You’ll also earn achievements that will be reflected on your Xbox Live gamer profile so you can compete with your friends online.


With lots of spare time over the festive season, we’d recommend Implode! as an addition to your phone’s gaming arsenal.

Image credit: DVIDSHUB