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LONDON – Crooner Michael Buble looks like taking this holiday’s No1 album slot with his Christmas collection and British X Factor winners Little Mix are set to steal the top song spot with Damien Rice’s song Cannonball here in the UK. But to be certain, you’ll have to check the links on December 25th. What is it about being No1 at this time of year? It seems to be an ambition of most bands and artists to achieve a Christmas No1 at some time in their career.

Are they simply inspired to produce the soundtrack for a memorable season in many people’s lives? Or is it that, once they have achieved that top spot, like Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, the song will sell well every year thereafter?

Whatever the reason, the Christmas No1 has given us some of the most memorable and most most forgettable songs ever written. Our resident DJ Danny Brewer researched some of the more popular tunes at Nokia Music Store and brings us his top five. Enjoy.



Band Aid – Do they know its Christmas

Band Aid has always been my top tune during the holiday season. It features the best of 80s pop including: Sting, Bono, Adam Clayton, Bob Geldof, John Taylor, David Bowie, and George Michael. Written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in 1984 to raise money for victims of the 1983-85 famine in Ethiopia, it’s amazing how frequently this still features in various charts across the world. So it has to be my all-time Christmas No1.

Mixing this into my sets is always a pleasure at this time of year. Who can’t enjoy this top-sounding tune for a sing-song on any night out. I usually drop it in-between lashings of The Pogues and David Bowie! You are guaranteed a top-notch reception from this track, it always brings out the Santa hats in everyone! It’s also great fun comparing how these stars looked when they were my age, 27 years ago, to how they look now. There’s hope for some of us!

To buy this song or listen to a clip, go to the Nokia Music Store.

Boney M – Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord

A Caribbean sound, via a German record producer, that somehow still resonates with my music-loving soul, is my No2. The strength of vocals on Boney M’s Mary’s Boy Child, along with the sheer talent of the band make for a interesting take on the classic Christmas melody. Striking synths and hippy humming bash the ear and complement the island voices echoing through the odd viola that manages to escape the dominant steel drum sound. (Dan, that is my Christmas No1 sentence – Ed)

So put on your Rasta head dress for a tune that fits the Jungle rhythm of any set, but with that undeniable festive twist. Shaggy is the perfect partner in grime, for this ragga muffin of a tune, lets keep it real and play Boney M this Christmas. 

To buy this song or listen to a clip, go to the Nokia Music Store.

Wham! – Last Christmas (Single Version)

All I can say is what a voice! George Michael has created one of the best feel-good tunes of the year, despite the melancholic lost-love feel. Nothing, it seems, can destroy the elevated mood of a bunch of be-jumpered 80s friends enjoying a getaway on a ski trip in a snowy haven. That’s down to Wham’s top-notch vocals, classic drumming, and soulful heart-warming synths.

A couple’s tune, playing this at University, I always managed to bring the best of mates together for a 4-minute embrace! Dripping this either side of Eleanor Rigby and Bowie¬† somehow creates an authentic December vibe on the dance floor.

To buy this song or listen to a clip, go to the Nokia Music Store.

Harry Belafonte – Mary Boy Child

Beautiful sounds, with a touch of pure festive spirit, Harry Belafonte features at No4 in my top 5 Nokia Music Christmas chart. Keeping the story alive and fresh with a genuine take on the story of Christmas, the video does not disappoint. Belafonte captures the true qualities of Christmas and reflects that in his melody.

More suited to a Christmas lunch time, I play this whenever I’m chopping the parsnips, to make the day that bit more significant.

To buy this song or listen to a clip, go to the Nokia Music Store.

Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody

This cracker from the iconic British glam-rock band, features at No5 in my chart, according to popularity in numbers. But in many ways it deserves to be No1. Talk about a timeless melody: since its release in 1973, it has never dropped from the holiday charts in 38 years. Slade’s great guitar loops over uplifting vocals make this song an evergreen Christmas gem.

The most mixable tune on this list, you can play it anywhere, anytime between Dec 1st and 25th. The drums fit well with anything by Paul Weller, and anything by The Darkness. Glam-rock has never been so sweet.

To buy this song or listen to a clip, go to the Nokia Music Store.