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Nokia Belle

GLOBAL – On Wednesday, we announced that Nokia Belle was arriving on handsets across the globe on some existing smartphones, such as the Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01. We also announced there will be a downloadable update for the UI, formerly known as Symbian Belle, in February.

And yesterday we answered some questions arising from that. Today we received another one from Vipul Mehrotra, Head of Smart Devices India Sales Unit.

Some readers asked if Nokia was delaying this update to try to sell more Nokia Lumia phones?

Vipul Mehrotra says:

No, that is not the case. Our Symbian smartphones portfolio has had a key role in many markets before the roll-out of Lumia products, and will have a key role going forward too.

In India, we are especially excited about the new features, innovations and an advanced user experience that Belle will give to people, as we really want to delight customers with great Nokia smartphone experiences.

I think it is also great that we have now started shipping enhanced versions of Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 with Nokia Belle preinstalled. Belle will be a major software update, and we are truly looking forward to bringing such a big update to consumers across the markets.

So, to sum up, it’s a big update with a new name and that has caused a delay. It’s important to get it right in order to deliver a good experience.

As for the name, Nokia has taken others under the main ‘umbrella’ brand recently. Examples include the Ovi Music Store, changing to the Nokia Music Store and Ovi Maps becoming Nokia Maps.

If nothing else, it helps new customers find related products on the web. If you have a new Nokia phone, the intuitive search would be for Nokia Maps rather than Ovi Maps, for example.

For more details on Nokia Belle, we’ve got all the facts, features and pictures in a previous post. And some more answers to your questions. For details go to our post Nokia Belle download starts today.



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