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December 25, 2011

Nokia Connects You #9

Hello, good morning and welcome to Nokia Connects issue nine. Today’s inspirations include magical insects, a debate around Christmas toys and a top 10 list of games for someone out there who may’ve acquired themselves a new handset recently.

Let’s kick off proceedings with item number one on today’s top five –

1. Handmade QR Codes

From chocolates, to ink and from sticky tape through to post-it notes. This collection of handmade QR codes comes our way from those kind folk at The Curiosity Project who, like us, seek out new inspiration every day. We salute you.


2. Magical Insects

No no, not butterflies pulling rabbits out of hats. Instead, gorgeous captured snaps of arachnids and insects alike against a simple kaleidoscope of colour. Don’t believe us? See for yourself –

Full collection

3. For the creative amongst you

We can’t say any more than that…

4. Seth, Santa and the Mob

This blog post, from social behavioral expert, Mark Earls, starts off talking about the dying art of the ‘it’ gift at Christmas but ends up questioning the impact of television viewing on purchase decisions (as well as that of so-called ‘early adopters’). It’s a bit meaty, but it’s worth a little bit of brain space, definitely.

Check it out.

5. Top Ten E6 Games

Steve Litchfield over at All About Symbian has put together this pretty awesome list for that businessman who may’ve received a Nokia E6 as a gift this year. Not all of us about email and enterprise all of the time ‘yknow, some of us like to game a fair bit too.

Need a top ten list of E6 games? All About Symbian has the answer.


Have a great day folks!