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GLOBAL –  Are you a supergeek or total Nokia novice? Find out in our fun quiz. This year we’ve seen Windows Phone coming to Nokia, the world’s smallest smartphone and also the arrival of our new Conversations by Nokia site. What else happened this year? Let’s see how much you know. Write down your answers and check back tomorrow to see how you’ve done.

No cheating, though…

  1. Nokia decided to change their font this year. What is the new one called?
  2. This image is a section of a Nokia phone. Which phone?
    Question 2
  3. What phone features the “Swipe” gesture?
  4. At Nokia World this year, Nokia SVP Kevin Shields was on stage to talk about the new Nokia Lumia 800. What nickname was given to him by bloggers after his excited performance?
  5. We held a small debate on what was the best way to input text on a mobile phone. T9, physical QWERTY keys, or QWERTY with Swype. Which method won in our poll?
  6. There’s a new super-material that has a breaking strength 300 times greater than steel. What is it called?
  7. The Nokia X1-00 is a musical-powerhouse. Its large rear-facing speaker is capable of producing music at what level (in phons)?
  8. What is this an image of?Question 8
  9. You’ve all heard of the Nokia Lumia 800, but can you name the other Lumia phone released recently in the USA?
  10. What was the name of the world’s biggest stop-frame animation, shot entirely on a Nokia N8?

Check here for the answers.

Image credit: tsuacctnt

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