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December 27, 2011

2011 Nokia Highlights: 11 of the best

We know it’s not quite over yet, but wow, what a year! 2011 will stay in our memory for many reasons. So we thought we’d bring you our Top 11, in no particular order, our gallery of amazing….

Engadget get the thanks for this pic

1. Angry Birds projection at SXSW

All. Kinds. Of. Awesome. Picture the scene – you’re in Austin, Texas in the middle of what can only be described as ‘the craziness’ of South By SouthWest (SXSW) Interactive enjoying a quiet time at the end of the day. You’re pulled outside to look at the side of a building. You might be forgiven for thinking ‘Hey, thanks, just what I needed…’ but then the familiar sound effects start…

Video captured by Vaibhav of TheHandheldBlog

2. FourSquare vending machine

Thanks to Foursquare for the pic

Social Media Weekhit various cities around the word in September, and Nokia took over a small corner of Glasgow, Scotland to give attendees a nice surprise. Simply checking in sent a tube to the dispensing slot thingy (that’s the technical term), which could contain anything from a yummy candy bar to a brand new Nokia. Now wouldn’t that be cool to have on every street corner?

3. Gulp – world’s largest stop motion animation

The first appearance in this rundown of the imaging powerhouse that is the Nokia N8. Over a few (admittedly dreary weather-wise) days on a Welsh beach, something amazing happened. The world’s largest stop-motion animation set was built, and Gulp! was filmed. On an N8! There to report on the whole process was Sergejs from My Nokia Blog, and his behind-the-scenes access gave us a whole new perspective on the delicate nature of the shoot.

4. SXSW – Green Zone

Mobile Mashup – thanks for the pic

Back to Austin, and the Green Zone at SXSW (part of their Sustainability program) that featured all sorts of amazing, from a bench made from recycled phones to a human-powered hamster wheel phone charger. Now this had to be seen to be believed, so here it is:

5. Nokia Shorts winner – Splitscreen a love story

The Nokia Shorts contest urged movie makers to harness the power of the N8 to show what they could do with the phone, and the winner Splitscreen: A Love Story is….


6. Nokia World – including the Lumia announcements

In October, all eyes were on London for Nokia World 2011. Eager attendees were on the edge of their seats as Mr. Elop reached into his jacket pocket to reveal the Nokia Lumia 800

Photo credit – Geeky Gadgets

…and then the Lumia 710

Photo credit – Uber Gizmo

Smiley face!

7. Deadmau5

International superstar DJ deadmau5 took to the stage in London and brought the ‘hau5’ down. Playing in front of the Millbank Tower, backed by 400 feet of 4D video projection, he wowed the crowds with a special set as the Nokia Lumia 800 did its thing.

If you’re feet aren’t tapping after watching that, well….

8. N8 Producers winners

The Competition Prize of The Year award has to go to the lucky N8 Producers winners. They jetted off to Florida, ample prize enough I think, but then to get in another plane and experience Zero Gravity, well, that’s the cherry on top of a very nice cake!

A couple of the winning entries that made our jaws drop:

Lapsed by Iain Wallace

Waking up to life by Keirux

9. Olive – filmed entirely on N8

News broke this month of Olive – a full-length feature film that was shot entirely on the Nokia N8. Not only was the movie shot on the N8, it was done without any major studio backing and has already had a theatre release! Great work from director Hooman Khalili (who also played a part in the movie).

Thanks to the SlashGear guys for the photo

10. Direct + Project

Further proof (as if any were needed) that the Nokia N8 is the camera king (or queen) amongst men came at the beginning of the year as Vancouver played host to the Direct + Project competition. Pitted with producing a one minute movie using just the N8, film makers from across Canada ploughed their creative skills into shorts that ranged from the eerie to the beautiful to the downright ‘out there’. The winner – Normal Design by Josephine Anderson – was met with universal acclaim. See what you think:

11. Your highlight

We thought we’d leave this one open for you to add your own 2011 Nokia highlight. So leave us a comment (or tweet @Nokia_Connects using #Nokia2011highlight). Best comment may receive a small thank you from us.