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December 27, 2011

Nokia Community Awards 2011: vote now!

To end this brilliant year we are running the Nokia Community Awards, where YOU can vote for your most favourite things that happened over the last 12 months.

We have 6 categories where you can cast your vote, including the most exciting Nokia phone of the year, the best user-generated Nokia-related video and the Community Ambassador Award, where you can vote for who you think is the most passionate and inspirational member in our wonderful community!

Not only that, there’s two prizes up for grabs too. The first is a Nokia Play 360° Wireless Speaker which will be given away at random to anyone who casts a vote in the awards. How cool is that?

The second prize goes to whoever gets the most votes in the Community Ambassador Award. The winner will be taken on a 48 hour trip to Finland and around Nokia House, Espoo, where they will be presented with their official award. How cool is that? Cooler still are all the other activities that will be crammed into the experience! I can’t wait to see who wins 🙂

Below are a few of the nominations. Please sit back and enjoy them before you start voting!

This remarkable skate video was recorded by dhillwhat on the Nokia N8 and claimed victory in our N8 producers competition. This video is nominated for the best user-generated Nokia-related video.

Another beautiful video in the same category, this one is James W Griffiths’ winning submission to Nokia Shorts.

Nominated for the best photograph taken with a Nokia, here we have stunning image called ‘Sunset Reflect’ captured by alan g 63. This image won the Nokia Creative N8 Photo Awards in September.

Finally here’s Gulp, the biggest stop motion animation frame  in the world! Powered by Nokia, this video is nominated for the best Nokia-produced video. 🙂

Submit your vote here!