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GLOBAL – As well as producing some great stories this year, we’ve also brought you some superb videos. From phone launch footage to far-out technologies of the future and Nokia Maps transforming from 2D to 3D, you’ve seen it all here. So take a look at our top twelve most popular videos of the year.

When we first saw the Nokia N9, we had to swipe our eyes in disbelief.  It had no physical keys on the front of the phone, so people wanted to know how on earth it worked. And this Nokia N9 UI hands-on demo (receiving 1,182,534 views) delivers.

Fans of the Nokia N8 will remember the Nokia Bubbles experimental app from Nokia Beta Labs. It transformed your lock-screen from a dull panel into an interactive touchscreen extravaganza, with buttons. Receiving 765,695 views, it’s clear people like experimental apps.

If it’s a low cost, high-specced Symbian Anna phone you’re after, then meet the Nokia 500. So far, this video has been watched 645,924 times.

Who doesn’t like a bit of futuristic tech? Well, not many it seems.
The Nokia GEM: 21st century mobile jewel video has been played 614,579 times. This could be the future!

Earlier in the year, Nokia and Microsoft announced their partnership to bring the Windows Phone OS to Nokia smartphones. So far, that video has been watched 415,499 times.

The Nokia Tune is a classic piece of audio history. In 1994 we saw it come alive and into our hands. Today it has evolved and Nokia gave everybody the chance to create another version of the Nokia Tune. This promotional video has been watched by 410,499 people.

Angry Birds has taken the world by storm. Those feathery-critters have been launched across many a smartphone to meet their doom, attacking the pigs. New levels of the Angry Birds game became unlockable using NFC technology, and this video’s view counter has reached 182,400 views.

Nokia and Microsoft’s partnership caused an avalanche of interest, speculation and excitement across the mobile world. At the time, we had no idea what what this partnership would bring, but now we do. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took to the stage to tell all at the Nokia Strategy and Financial Briefing.

People on the web love to log on and read up on the latest news. The Nokia Reader 1.0 beta app from Nokia Beta Labs sits on your phone and pulls in the news for you, in RSS form. This video has clocked up 97,336 views.

Nokia’s mapping service is amazing. It’s free, it’s accurate and it’s better than the other similar apps on the market. While it currently works outdoors, Nokia Research Center has developed an Indoor Navigation as well. Viewed 85,379 times, this video shows what is possible in the future.

Again with mapping, the new Ovi Maps 3D video shows that the online version of Ovi Maps (now called Nokia Maps) has moved from 2D to 3D, making the world a much more realistic place, as 82,829 of you now know.

At Nokia World this year, we caught glimpse of a working prototype called Nokia Kinetic. This phone bends, and twists and is the future, according to the team at Nokia Research Center. Watched 80,754 times.