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GLOBAL – 2011 has been a great year for new devices. We began by bringing you the Nokia X1-01 developed for the next billion. We ended the year with the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710, built to see us into the next year and beyond. There were loads of new devices in between, too. For those who might’ve missed them, we’ve rounded them all up in one post. Here are the Nokia phones of 2011.


Nokia X1-00

With a great speaker volume, the Nokia X1-00 is a music lover’s dream. Affordable, bold and running Series 30, this is perfectly created for the Next Billion.

The Nokia Astound has a 3.5-inch AMOLED display with tough damage-resistant glass and tactile feedback on the touch display.


Nokia X7

With a large 4 inch touchscreen, the Nokia X7 loaded with Symbian Anna is the perfect entertainment device. It has a rather unique shape, too.

If you’re big on sending text messages or emailing when your out-and-about, you may prefer to use QWERTY phone. The Nokia E6 offers a full keyboard and a touch screen. Perfect for people still wanting to make the most out of physical keys and also try out a bit of touch technology.


The Nokia N8 was so popular last year that Nokia has released a pink version.

Twice as nice, the Nokia X1-01 and Nokia C2-00 with Dual SIM make it even easier to connect to the important people in your life, with two SIM card slots. Should you need it.

If you like your 18-carat gold plating, and leather, you’ll love the Nokia Oro – released in selected markets back in May.


Because Dual-SIM phones are so popular and much needed in certain parts of the world, Nokia launched the Nokia C2-03, a Dual-SIM phone that also features Touch and Type.

Nokia N9

The Nokia N9 is a beautiful phone on the inside and out and it runs MeeGo. With simple swipe gestures, navigating through the menu system is as easy as pie.


Another phone loaded with Symbian Anna, the Nokia 500 packs a 1GHz processor, a 5-megapixel camera and costs only €150 before taxes and subsidies.

Gold phones are normally reserved for high-end smartphones, but that shouldn’t always be the case. Nokia released the Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition for those who like a Series 40 phone, with extra bling.

Size isn’t everything. Sometimes smaller is better. The Nokia 700 became the smallest smartphone in the world when Nokia released it in August, this year.

Nokia cranked up the juice when it came to making the Nokia 701 to produce the brightest screen in the world.

In August we saw the release of the  Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 – the same phone, but with single or Dual-SIM option.


The Nokia C2-05 and Nokia X2-05 were brought into the public as a mid-level phone. Though, powerful enough to be a music powerhouse.

Nokia 603

With its seamless, smooth design, the Nokia 603 offers leading-edge features at a mid-range price. The Symbian Belle interface is modern and endlessly customisable, offering up to six home screens and an extended range of widgets that can be placed in any combination the user chooses.

Nokia Lumia 800

When Nokia announced plans to use Windows Phone as the primary OS for their smartphones, people wondered when the first phone would arrive in the market. Nine months later, the Nokia Lumia 800 appeared.

The second Windows Phone powered Nokia smartphone is called the Nokia Lumia 710. At a lower price point then the Nokia Lumia 800 but still as powerful.

We saw a new range of phones to come out of Nokia World, Nokia’s new Series 40 Asha range. These include: the Nokia Asha 303; Nokia Asha 300; Nokia Asha 200; and Nokia 201.


If you want a Dual-SIM phone with an Easy Swap SIM card access, the Nokia X2-02 is the phone to go for. It’s also great for listening to music as it has an internal FM antenna.

Best of 2011