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January 3, 2012

Nokia N8 – *still* the imaging king!

A couple more people today who are eager to declare the Nokia N8 as the ‘king’ of imaging among the panoply of cameraphones out there in today’s market.

Chris has been going through the photos that he has snapped over the past 12 months on his N8 and reflecting on the

“great year having the beautiful N8 in my pocket. This device although over a year old, is still considered the world’s best camera phone, if you want to read more about those views … just use Google.”

Instead of trying to give an opinion on the N8, he invites his readers to look at some of the quality pics that the N8 has captured over the last year and draw their own conclusions (it’s worth checking his Flickr stream too):

It’s almost as if Chris had read the most excellent guide from The Tech Bishop on how to take better photos with a cameraphone. Indeed, during the guide, he refers to the N8 as

“supreme amongst camera phones due to the superlative optics and the uncompromised sensor which is why it is essentially a P&S with phone functionality”

The excellent guide is well worth a read, especially for aspiring snappers who want to go one step beyond the auto-settings!

It’s not just the ability to take great photos that is getting attention today either. Kevin over at Nokia Innovation has highlighted the power of the moving image as he brings this video to our attention that compares the N8 with the Nokia N9 in a video shootout:

Those guys at Beste Product sure love their comparison videos – check the comparisons between the N8 and the E7, and the iPhone 4.

So, do you have any other nominations for the ‘Imaging King’? Any more evidence that the Nokia N8 deserves the crown (you know we love to see your photos)? Drop us a line @Nokia_Connects, or leave us a comment below.