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Xbox expands its ambitions

GLOBAL – Before Christmas, we asked you where you thought the partnership between mobile phones and smartphones was going next.

The poll followed Microsoft’s release of the latest Xbox software, incorporating streaming movie services, and the release of the Xbox companion app on Nokia Lumia smartphones, allowing closer interaction with your games from your phone.

Without further ado, here are the results:

Xbox poll results

As you can see, the results were pretty evenly spread. We think that must indicate that you’re aware that there are lots of different ways your phone could work harder with your games console.

Top answer was the idea of using your smartphone as an additional controller. Being a touch screen, though, it’s likely to be a different kind of controller, we think, maybe showing extra information like the secondary screen on the Nintendo DS.

That’s in line with the second most popular answer, seeing additional information about what you’re watching on your smaller screen. That sounds like a good idea to us, too. 

As ever, there were some good additional suggestions in the comments. Antoine R J Wright noted that mobile phones already have the insides to allow them to be used for gesture tracking or as a control “wand”. Mbrett added that many of the possibilities we considered were already possible in certain titles or combinations. 

Any more thoughts on where the Xbox/Lumia partnership might take us in the future?