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January 4, 2012

Nokia Lumia – new day, new fans

Another day, another couple of posts from new Nokia Lumia users sharing their excitement at using the phones. So what better chance to bring you thoughts on the Lumia 800 and an unboxing of the Lumia 710 (rubs hands).

First up is Earl Migrino and his reactions to being ‘Lumianized’. A perfect term, I think, for the process of shifting to the brave new world of a Nokia packing the Windows OS. The superlatives are liberally spread throughout his report:

On the design

“I love its simplicity and elegance”

The ergonomics are perfect

“The buttons are just in the right place too. Unlocking and adjusting the volume is a breeze.”

And the OS gets the thumbs up

“Windows Phone is a very gorgeous OS, it is lightweight and the experience is unmatched. The live tiles is a genius idea.”

There were improvements that he’d recommend (such as a louder loudspeaker and the camera ‘could be better’), but the overall final thoughts?

“it has been an awesome experience. I think the whole minimalistic design of the phone and its operating system gives you just that – only the stuff that you need and what’s essential”

Moving on to the next new convert, Fakhr (fresh off his WRC Lumia 800 contest win) has shared an unboxing of the Lumia 710 (from Prateek):

Highlights include: The ‘very, very good camera’….the ‘very useful’ long USB cable…‘grippy’ back cover…there’s more to see and listen to from one of the only unboxings I’ve seen take place in a car!

Are you a Nokia Lumia convert? Got experiences to share? Well get them down on (virtual) paper and let us know @Nokia_Connects