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January 5, 2012

Nokia N8: pre and post-Anna

Borrowing from a certain Charles Dickens, Anshel Sag has posted an epic ‘Tale of Two Phones’ discussion of the Nokia N8.

It doesn’t start well for the N8. Before the Symbian Anna update, Anshel really wasn’t a fan (going as far as to use some quite harsh words), but since then? Well, he’s a convert!

Naturally the post features the 12MP camera quite heavily, but each and every other aspect gets a thorough examination too, and despite what you may have thought at the start of the post, it doesn’t actually feature the Symbian Anna update too much. It’s almost like the phone was a write off before the software was updated.

Now, however, there are compliments galore for the sturdy little Trojan (that’s how I like to think of my N8). To list but a few:

  • ‘arguably one of the best cameras in a Smartphone today’
  • the HDMI output ‘is yet another illustration of thinking outside of the box by Nokia’s design team’
  • ‘really amazing to see how it feels like an entirely different phone after simply applying an update’

So, pre-update issues aside, it seems like Anshel is really behind the N8. Are you?

A little reminder of what the N8 is capable of, from my daily jaw-dropping look at the N8 Flickr group:

Courtesy of BogdanGoim

Really, really stunning sunset pic there from Bogdan.

So, what do you think of the N8? Are you a photo powerhouse that positively needs it to capture snaps on a daily basis? Let us know @Nokia_Connects