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Doodle God - Xbox Live gaming on your Nokia Lumia

GLOBAL – I love nothing better then to zone out and get my head stuck into a game where I can (virtually) conquer the world, without breaking a sweat and all from the comfort of my sofa. What better way to master the world, then to create it from the basic four elements. Doodle God is an Xbox Live game that you can play right on your Nokia Lumia 710, or Nokia Lumia 800.

We all know that the world is made up of four basic elements, right? Well, it is in this game. There’s Earth, fire, air and water. Everything we know of, comes from any one – or all – of these elements.

Doodle God instructions

Doodle God elements

In order to create the world as we know it, you must combine two of the elements to create a new one. For example, joining fire and earth to create lava. You’ve now got lave to play with and join with something else, such as water. You now have stone and steam to add to your ever growing list of building materials.

As far as games go, this is a unique one. Most games involve running around, shooting things, or lining up coloured gems in a row. While these are also fun, Doodle God really makes your brain work as you try to think how things are put together.

There are 195 items to create, from your first initial four which will see you scratching your head for hours. As is usual with all Xbox Live games on the Nokia Lumia, all achievements you earn will go toward your achievements online, so you can compare your gaming prowess with your friends.

Download Doodle God today (it costs £2.29 but there’s a free trial) and let us know if you like it, using the comments below.

Image credit: samwelcomesyou.