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January 6, 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 – video review round up

Yesterday was THE day to film, edit and post your Nokia Lumia 710 video if the rush of new reviews and unboxings are anything to go by. Thanks to Jay (and some detective work of my own), here’s a few of them for your viewing pleasure:

Jay’s post draws together videos from the big hitters like The Verge, Mobile Tech Review and Mobile Burn.

First up is a quick review from Ross at The Verge. It’s a brief walk round of the phone, with some criticism for a few things such as viewing angles of the screen and the placement of the USB charging port. He ends on a higher note, however, saying the Nokia Lumia 710 is a ‘pretty decent Windows Phone…that stacks up’ to the competition.

An unboxing next from UberGizmo (part of their longer, more detailed review). Nice music, and a good look at the box and contents (the video wouldn’t have made the cut if it wasn’t!)

Next up, I got on my Twitter-bike (well, read the feed and clicked the link) and watched the latest edition of Fly or Die from the guys at TechCrunch. They take a look at the Nokia Lumia 710 and discuss the apps available (there have to be more, but it’s a good start), the aesthetics and the screen. Then reveal whether it Flies or Dies…


Back to Jay’s list now, and a couple of longer and more in depth video reviews (always save the best for last). The Mobile Burn review comes from Dan and doesn’t start off too well (he was comparing to the high end Nokia Lumia 800) and his niggles stack up through the video. Concluding, though, he says it is ‘very fast’ and ‘snappy’ and he ‘loved’ the added value of Nokia Drive.

The final video is from Mobile Tech Review’s Lisa, who takes the Lumia 710 for an extended look. She reckons the price point is spot on, making it a ‘pretty neat’ phone, and it’s fast! The video isn’t without negatives (the front buttons, screen viewing angle, storage) but overall it’s an upbeat review – including some nice words for Nokia Drive. When compared to the competition, she says the design is more ‘elegant’ and as an entry-level phone, Nokia are doing ‘really well’.

Overall, at the end of the day, when all’s said and done, the Nokia Lumia 710 seems to have received a universal thumbs up from everyone concerned. Which is nice. But what really matters are your opinions. What do you think of the Lumia 710? Let us know in the comments or @Nokia_Connects as usual.

If you feel like you need a bit more convincing, we’re going to be trialling some more Nokia 710 handsets with our friends over at CES in Las Vegas next week. Let’s just say they’re not going to be your ‘standard’ phone reviews. Keep your eyes peeled on Connects!