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January 7, 2012

App reviews – cuteTube and…lots more!

Dear Reader, it’s time now for your regular dose of app updates, and what better way to start the weekend than by taking an injection of news, followed by a longer course of t-app-lets (*wince* – sorry! – could have been worse…like apps-rin)?

Brace yourselves, it won’t hurt a bit, in fact you might find the experience helpful. It comes in the form of David Gilson over at All About Symbian who has embraced the issue of YouTube on Symbian^3, and seems to have found the cure to the ‘rough time’ he says users have been having. The cure comes in the form of cuteTube, an app which David has reviewed in detail. He opens with a walkthrough of the app, highlighting (and indeed demonstrating) the upload option – a feature he says ‘sets cuteTube apart from all other YouTube applications on Symbian’. David reviewed v1.06, so he has had the latest experience. To see what people have been saying since December, there’s a pretty detailed thread on the Daily Mobile forum that’s worth checking out.

For the longer course, Jay has reached a milestone in his Lumiappaday series, notching up a cool half century on My Nokia Blog. To celebrate, he’s put all the reviews in one place and even created a YouTube playlist . Pretty stellar stuff, and he’s even accepting suggestions for the numbers 51-100 in the series.

Awesome work from both David and Jay. Got something to add? Drop us a comment below, or, as ever, @Nokia_Connects