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January 9, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #1

In a bid to beat those Monday blues and turn the proverbial ‘frown upside down’ we’ve delved into the never-ending humour box that is the internet to share with you a new feature on Nokia Connects – Make Me Smile Monday  a look at what’s been bringing a smile to the faces of millions of people across the globe from the last few days.

via Huffington Post (and Legoland)

Firstly for this Monday a heart-warming story made of plastic blocks. Yes, everyone’s favourite construction ‘toy’ is branching out at their Legoland Windsor site. In preparation for the upcoming opening of their hotel, they’re offering jobs to 8-10 year old ‘concierges’ – guides to assist younger visitors how best to experience the park. This makes me smile (wish I could have been one!).

Here is the TreeHotel Mirrorcube, your chance to live out a childhood dream of sleeping in an amazing tree house. This made me smile, but the idea of having to buy a ticket to Sweden first wouldn’t make my wallet smile! There are loads more cool pics on Yatzer.

How do you use Twitter? To chat about the latest Nokia releases and let others know about your posts or excellent pics? How about finding a place to live after being on the streets for six years? Chicago’s AnnMarie Walsh did just that, becoming something of a Twitter sensation with celebs tweeting about her and even getting ten times more followers than me! Great to see the power of social media in action. This makes me smile every time I think about it.

This one definitely falls into the ‘What will they think of next?’ category, but, you know, someone out there might be looking for a Facebook status shower curtain (presumably to complement the Star Wars toilet seat cover and living moss bath mat….I wish I had made those two up). And why not? It’s a bit of fun in your bathroom. It made me smile.

Here is a photo from a long time friend of Nokia Connects, MsJen. Jen recently spent some time in the UK (a far cry from her native California) where she snapped this whimsical commentary on London life using her Nokia N8:

For more of Jen’s excellent photos, check out her site, or her Flickr stream.

That made me smile. In a kind of sad-but-happy way.

Finally, some of you may have been aware of Movember, the UK based charity that asks men to grow a moustache to raise awareness for Testicular Cancer in November. Well we recently spotted that London Zoo decided to make their own Movember video with all the animals that have impressive moustaches, it made us smile!

via ZSLvideo

So there we go, the first Make Me Smile Monday. If you see anything you think is worth including in the next few days, let me know, and I might just include them in #2.