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Desert island Symbian apps

GLOBAL – If I were stuck on an island in the middle of the sea somewhere, there would be some essential apps I’d need on my Symbian phone to keep me from going crazy with boredom.

In order for this theoretical scenario to occur, this island in the middle of nowhere, thousands of miles away from the nearest colonised island, has to have a 3G signal, somehow, but that’s it. Err… that and a power source.

Here’s my essential five desert island apps.

4squick (Free or €2.00)

It goes without saying that I would use a location-based app, for two reasons. First; so I could actually pinpoint where on the Earth I was; and second I could check-in at the nearest drinking hole or wild fruit-bearing bush so I could find them again later. These are essential basics when on a desert island, I imagine.

Oh, and I could also share with my friends on Facebook or Twitter that I’m here and to send help immediately.


Bass Fishing (Free)

While I’m waiting for my help to arrive, via my recent check-in, I’ll use this time to find myself some food at the local lake. I can see bass swimming beneath the dark depths, but being a city lad I’ve no idea how to catch one.

This Bass Fishing app offers tips and advice on what lure to use, what the best location might be to catch some tasty fresh bass and much more angling guidance.

River Cottage Every Day (€2)

Having caught a whopper of a bass (I hope), next I’ll need to know how to cook up an exquisite meal. I’ve got my fish and some veg I’ve gathered from the island but then what? With 128 recipes with photos and clear instructions, even I can throw a decent meal together. If I get stuck, I can watch the the how-to videos.

River Cottage Every Day recipes

River Cottage Every Day details

What Knot? (€7.50)

After a delightful meal, it’ll start to get dark soon and I’ll need to build myself a shelter to stay safe for the night. Collecting a heap of sticks and a mound of leaves, I’ll need to lash them all together with some rope, which luckily I already have. I’m terrible at tying knots, though. Certain situations require a certain type of knot. Do I need to use a boom hitch, reef knot or a triple crown knot? I’ve got no idea, but this app will tell me what they are and how to tie them so that my shelter doesn’t collapse during the night.

Flashlight Touch (Free)

You never know when help will arrive, a ship might sail by in the morning when it’s light, but it could easily turn up at night, and they’ll never see you in the dark. With the Flashlight Touch app you can set your screen to shine a bright light, capable of being seen for miles (we can’t confirm this). Waving the phone around will ensure you’re rescued and home in time for breakfast.

What would you’re desert island apps be?

Image credit: mrlins