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January 9, 2012

‘My Nokia N8 survived a 50 metre sky dive… without a parachute!’

Talk about graduating from the school of hard ‘Noks’!

An unbelievable story emerged earlier today from our friend Matjaz in Slovenia, who unwittingly put his Nokia N8 through perhaps the ultimate durability ‘drop test’.

Courtesy of Matjaz

Matjaz had landed safely after taking a daredevil hang glide flight, only to discover that his wallet and Nokia N8 had fallen out of his mistakenly unzipped pocket. The possibility of finding his prized possessions was implausible enough, but getting his phone back in one piece was a mere impossibility, right?


Oh, and once cast your eye over Matjaz’s incredible story, you might realise you know him from somewhere… his winning N8 Producers entry!

It’s fair to say this guy has been through more with his Nokia N8 than most.