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GLOBAL – Nokia is a truly global company and therefore our product roll-outs affect all corners of the planet. Nokia Lumia smartphones are launching frequently in different parts of the world, often with an exciting event to celebrate.    

To help show the global impact of the Nokia Lumia worldwide roll-out, the Lumia Momentum Map is now available for all to see.

The map features a selection of locally relevant videos, images and social networking conversations, capturing people’s excitement. The map also allows you to see which carriers support the Lumia, so you know where to pick one up.

At the bottom, specific tiles show off the amazing celebrations surrounding your nearby Lumia launch, such as the heart-stopping deadmau5 event in London in November.

The specialized website and map will be frequently updated to show launch activities and the energy and excitement around them.

Do head over and check out the site if you want to see Nokia Lumia availability in your country or if you attended a launch-associated event and want to relive the fun memories.