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January 10, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 reactions

We covered the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 900 here earlier and now there’s been a little bit of time for you to gather your thoughts, we thought we’d bring you the reactions to the new phone.

Courtesy of Nokia Conversations

For the first ever hands on with the Nokia Lumia 900, there is only one place to be – our friends at Nokia Conversations have the introduction video from Chanse Arrington of Nokia North America. He runs through all the specs I talked about earlier, and shows off some of the exclusive partners such as CNN and Univision.

The reactions to the announcement are flooding in from all over, so this will be no means be a comprehensive digest, but rather what has caught my eye since Stephen Elop was on stage earlier.

From around the web:

First of all to Endgadget, and skipping over the copy about the phone (except the ‘beautiful slab of polycarbonate’ comment from their liveblog earlier) and straight to the comments section, there’s some very positive reaction to the Nokia Lumia 900 already:

  • Jotokun – ‘That is one sexy phone. Too bad Nokia doesn’t do Android, I would kill for an Android device that looked that good’

  • Giget – ‘Nokia are back on the right path with this beast’

  • bakedapplepie – ‘really one of the best designs I’ve seen and finally some specs to talk about. major win for Nokia and Windows!’

  • Martin Roddam – ‘This is the phone that an ex-iPhone-owner, current Galaxy S2 owner like me has been waiting for. Something original and finally up to spec.’

…I could go on but there’s so much to cover!

For a minute by minute account of the press conference, the guys at Phone Scoop were typing like demons, and Aaron from Phone Dog was on a one man mission to provide the quickest coverage. There’s some reactions in there too. I don’t know how they did it!

Courtesy of Nokia Conversations

Some of the most personal reactions I found were from Twitter:

I can’t list them all, obviously, but selected the most pertinent (and funny in the last case)

  • Mark Guim‘Nokia is going to be back in the US in a big way, says AT&T.’

  • Benjamin Krogh‘It’s official. Goodbye, iPhone.’

  • Farhan Manjoo‘The Lumia 900 is the first phone since the iPhone that I want without even touching it.

  • Tim Hanlon‘Nokia…are back – elegant mobile interface; app developers take note.’

  • Chris Zeigler‘I am buying the F out of the cyan Lumia 900. you can quote me on that.’

And it’s the same on the Nokia Facebook page:

  • Ryan Tobias – ‘this is indeed a kickass device… Fast, smart and need i say gorgeous..’

  • Frank Ostrow – ‘Sign me up. Fantastic job on a beautiful device. Kudos Nokia.’

  • Ryan Mello – ‘I’m officially in love’ [TH – awwww]

  • and Adriel D. Mingo summed it up very well – ‘WANT WANT WANT!’

Do you have anything to add to these reactions? What’s your impression now you’ve had a couple of hours to digest the news? You know the drill – drop us your thoughts @Nokia_Connects