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The Nokia Lumia 900 has landed

GLOBAL – The Nokia Lumia 900, announced at CES yesterday, has already spawned a thousand blog posts and news reports. We’ve trawled the Web to see what early reactions are like from the tech pundits.

All publicity is good publicity, they say, and our launch post hit the top of tech blog aggregator Techmeme for more than eight hours on Monday PM.


So what did they say?

On MobileBeat, Devindra Hardawar thinks that the Nokia Lumia 900 could be the phone that changes perceptions of the Windows Phone platform: “With its sleek and unique design, the Lumia 900 could be Microsoft’s ticket to mainstream phone success this year. So far, sales of Windows Phones have been sluggish, likely because the platform hasn’t had a flagship device yet for Microsoft and consumers to rally around. The Lumia 900 could be that device for Microsoft, if it plays its cards right.”

Dan Lyons at the Daily Beast thinks we’ve excelled ourselves with recent models when it comes to design: “Indeed, when it comes to design the new Nokia flagship devices have arguably leapfrogged past Apple”. However, he cautions that, “It’s hard to predict whether the new Nokia Windows phones will catch on in America.”

Mashable’s Christina Warren loved the Lumia 800 and reckons the Lumia 900 promises to be even better: “The Lumia 800 is easily one of the best looking and best feeling handsets I’ve had a chance to review. If the Lumia 900 can deliver the goods — and on a major network like AT&T — Nokia and Windows Phone might be able to make some inroads in the U.S. market.”

Lumia 900 middle

Kyle Wagner on Gizmodo says it’s their “favourite Windows Phone, now bigger and faster”. He notes that, on paper, the specs, “aren’t going to blow the doors off of this generation of smartphones, but Windows Phone doesn’t lean on specs quite as hard as other OSes, as the buttery Lumia 800 shows.”

CNet‘s Declan McCullagh was hoping for more specifics at the press conference, though: “the company’s announcement wasn’t as far-reaching or as detailed as some customers might have hoped: there’s no word yet on on the Lumia 900’s pricing or availability. And there was no news of tablets or the phone’s availability on other carriers.”

Marin Perez at IntoMobile notes that while Nokia is differentiating its Windows Phone range from others in the ecosystem, it isn’t planning to fragment the platform in the way that has happened on other smartphone operating systems: “With the Lumia line, Nokia is trying to strike a delicate balance of differentiating its lineup but not making the Lumia line so different that it changes the fundamentals of the platform.”

At Forbes, Eric Savitz did a video interview with Nokia’s Karen Lachtanski but while he’s impressed with the phone, he professes “nagging doubts” whether the phone will drive widespread adoption.

TheNextWeb’s Matthew Panzarino is cautiously optimistic. He loves the phone, but notes that Nokia and Microsoft face a tremendous struggle in terms of their current American market share. “To say that the Lumia 900 faces an uphill battle in the US, a huge market for smartphones, is to state it very lightly.”

ZDNet’s Matthew Miller is impressed by the specs and tempted to switch to the AT&T network in order to use the phone. “I can’t wait to get some hands on time with the device,” he notes.

Lumia 900 btm

The Guardian’s Charles Arthur was keen to know whether operating on the LTE network would adversely affect battery life, something he’s been warned about by analysts. “Elop said in response that Nokia has worked with Microsoft and the chipmaker Qualcomm, which provides the basic communications chips for the phones. ‘We believe the battery performance will be very superior on LTE networks compared with other devices,’ he said.” 

Lastly, Engadget’s Brad Molen was able to film a hands-on video which is well worth a look. He notes that the build quality is great: “The larger phone was still comfortable to hold in our hands, and felt just as solid as ever with its polycarbonate build.”

Any write-ups you thought were particularly interesting?