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January 10, 2012

The Amazing Everyday Challenge!

Alert! It’s competition time. We are excited to announce the ‘Amazing Everyday Challenge’, a new four week competition here on Nokia Connects!

YOU, the community have the chance to undertake a weekly ‘Amazing Everyday Challenge’. If you haven’t already caught some of the Amazing Everyday magic, then it’s available for your viewing pleasure.

How does the competition work?

We will be giving you a theme each week, for four weeks, to focus your Amazing Everyday competition entries on. This week’s theme is ‘Amazing Family and Friends’.

Your entries can be submitted in any format of your choice (whether that’s a video, photo or blog post, it’s up to you). All you need to do is  post  the links  to your work in either the comments section below or on Twitter at @Nokia_Connects using the Hashtag #NokiaChallenge (we always love hearing about which Nokia handsets you use so please share which Nokia you’ve used to create your masterpiece with). There’s more good news – the vote to decide on our overall winner is completely up to our community (yes, that means you!)  but in our weekly challenges we’ll decide who has captured the best Amazing Everyday.

The Prize

We will be offering a weekly prize giveaway in the shape of a Nokia Purity In-Ear Headset (colour of your choice) for the best entries and at the end of the four weeks one lucky winner has the chance to get their photo/video on the global Nokia Facebook + YouTube Channel (if the winning submission is a video) which would mean that nearly five million people could see your wonderful work!

What are we looking for?

To help give you a head start I thought the team should show you their own amazing family and friends photos (this can also include pets by the way!). We have not made any videos so please remember this is NOT just a photography competition!

Here is Paul’s dog Loki meeting a horse for the first time. Pretty amazing if you ask me…

Here are Tim (front left) and his friends – clowning around….

Finally here is a picture of me (KitKat) and my friends dressed as tea biscuits for Bestival!

So what are you waiting for guys! The competition officially starts right… now! You have until midnight on Monday 16th January (London time) to enter your Amazing Family and Friends for this week. Head to Nokia Connects on Tuesday 17th January for this week’s winner and the new ‘Amazing Everyday’ theme for the following week.

The overall winner will be announced on Friday 10th February, but entries for the final week will close at midnight on Monday 6th February (London time) so you’ll have four days to vote for the winner. Good luck and the more creative the better!