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January 11, 2012

More Nokia Lumia 900 reaction – first looks, videos

Unless you were emerging bleary-eyed from hibernation, you may have noticed that Nokia announced the Lumia 900 yesterday at CES, and posts are popping up with videos and more considered opinions on the phone.

Starting with the guys on the ground, Mark Guim has a very good video of a Nokia Lumia 900 demo (not an actual hands on, nobody got one of those, except Chanse). He reckons that if ‘you like the Nokia Lumia 800, you’ll like the 900 even more.’

Ed has also shared his thoughts, saying (quite appropriately given the exclusive ESPN app that’s available on the phone) that Nokia have hit a ‘home run’. His opinions are summed up in one sentence:

[The Nokia Lumia 900 is] something that is quite different and provides certain advantages over the competition. The Nokia Lumia 900 does all of that beautifully. It’s design is clearly different from the plethora of Android, and even other Windows Phone [phones] that were recently introduced, and it’s specifications…are up there with the competition.

For those who are interested in specs, Fakhre has produced an extremely handy comparison table on Symbian Tweet, putting the new Lumia 900 up against the Lumia 800.

Having seen it, thought about it, read about it what do you think of the Nokia Lumia 900? Let us know @Nokia_Connects, or drop us a comment below.