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Las Vegas, NV, United States – CES 2012 (The Consumer Electronics Show) is well under way after opening it’s doors yesterday. Flocks of visitors have been checking out the cozy tile-themed booth to sneak a peak at the latest Nokia Lumia phones, including the newly announced Nokia Lumia 900

Visitors were also quite impressed with the accessories announced recently, including the Play360 headphones and unique Bluetooth headsets. Also, services such as ESPN, CNN iReport, Facebook and other apps are being demonstrated, showing off features unique to the Nokia Lumia family of phones.

One observation I had during my time in the booth is that people just didn’t come and poke their head in and leave. The visitors lingered to hear more about the phones, ask questions and explore the extras including accessories and built-in services Windows Phone and Lumia bring to people.

When I asked Brian G. from Boston, MA about his opinions of the Magenta Nokia Lumia 800 in his hand, he said, “I thinks the phones are simply great. It’s so nice to see some stylish, functional and sexy Windows Phone hardware come to market. I’m glad to see us back in the US on T-Mobile and AT&T. I think Nokia’s going to do really well.”

Also commenting on the phones themselves, Phil M. from Cupertino, CA had this to say, “Really impressed with the Lumia series and also the design of the Nokia N9. I’m happy to see that Nokia has their ‘design mojo’ back…. the company’s soul in amazing design is showing itself. In the public, Nokia has moved from being an ‘older phone’ company now – they’re back. It’s the nicest Windows Phone hardware there is.”



Switching gears over to the headphones and speaker systems, I ran into Thomas from San Diego, CA who was absolutely amazed by the Play 360. “The pairing with a phone with NFC on the Play 360 is just easy, simple and straightforward. Also, the quality of the speaker can’t be denied – I look forward to putting those all over my house to stream my tunes too.”

I ran into Brent from Toronto, Canada over by the headphones as he was sporting a pair of Magenta headphones developed in cooperation with Monster. He was very enthusiastic about the headphones as a self-professed audiophile. “The sound quality is amazing, I can hear an amazing reproduction of the music with thumping base. I love the Monster tie-in and look forward to grabbing a pair, when I can.”.

Lastly, I spoke to Jeb B. from Long Beach, CA, who is a long time Nokia fan as he came to check out the newly released Lumia series phones. He said, “I think the Lumia 710 is a fantastic device for those who want an smartphone but can’t afford a really high-end device. However, I can’t wait to be able to try a Lumia 900 on AT&T’s high speed network.”