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January 11, 2012

Nokia @ CES – what are you missing?

If you aren’t lucky enough to be in Las Vegas right now at CES, checking out all the latest in consumer electronics (and more specifically, Nokia Lumia phones), then here’s a quick look at what you have been missing.

via Nokia US Facebook page

The Nokia booth on the show floor has been a hive of activity with people flocking to the newly announced Nokia Lumia 900 for a demo. The CEO himself, Stephen Elop, even popped down to have a chat – check out friend of Nokia Connects Mike Macias having what looks like an ‘intense but friendly’ conversation with the man himself.

If you missed the keynote announcement speech, look no further (we share everything with you):

via Nokia US Facebook page

It wasn’t only the Nokia Lumia 900 that people were excited about – the Lumia 710 (pictured above) and Lumia 800 were also on show, along with the news that both phones would soon be available in Canada

As a bonus – here’s a lovely Nokia Lumia 800 snap from the booth:

via Nokia US Facebook page

So what do you think (from afar)? If you’re in the U.S. will you be getting your hands on a Nokia Lumia 900? Let us know in the comments, or @Nokia_Connects