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Nokia Lumia 900 tweets

GLOBAL – The Nokia Lumia 900 announcement set Twitter ablaze with comment and praise for the powerhouse Windows Phone, launched exclusively with AT&T in the USA. Here’s our top ten tweets.

Top of the list comes Chris Ziegler (@zpower), who’s an editor with technology website Never one for being backward in coming forward, @zpower makes his feelings about the new Nokia Lumia 900 pretty clear.








Although Nokia has been in the US market before, @FJeronimo seems to be over-the-moon that Nokia has released a phone like the Nokia Lumia 900.


We’re not the only ones in Las Vegas this week, @Gizmodo are also there covering the latest news and they think the new Nokia Lumia 900 is sweet.


It’s always a good sign that Nokia has produced a great phone, when a user of another manufacturer proclaims their desire for one of Nokia’s phones – as @Trentsense tweeted.


The Nokia Lumia 900 has been designed to be beautiful and functional. @BenThePCGuy agrees.


As we stated above, it’s all about design and function. For years, people claimed one of our competitors had the upper hand when it comes to that. Not any more – says Dan Lyons, via @NewsChomper


And people are noticing the details, along with the attention to detail, as demonstrated by @cesylvester


There’s also a strong sense that the new Lumia phones coming to USA are ready to take on anybody. @KarstenW sums up the mood.


And it’s not just the phones that are getting noticed. @chetansharma observes that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is highly visible in Vegas.


And finally, Nokia’s USA President Chris Weber Foxes clever by getting his new product on TV, proving the Nokia Lumia 900 is the one to watch.

Chris Weber does the business

Have you been tweeting anything about the Nokia Lumia 900? What do you think of the new phone? Let us know, below.