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Nokia booth 2012

Las Vegas, NV, United States – Nokia’s CES booth is pulling in the crowds on the upper floor of the South Hall this year with a cozy, warmly-lit space.

Designed to complement the bright and vibrant colors of the Nokia Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 phones and accessories, the demonstration space is stylish, with a designer chic feel to it.

Nokia Lumia 900 at CES booth 2012

The brilliant white LED-screen retail experience arch, which dazzled delegates at Nokia World in London, makes its USA debut here in Vegas.

People are crowding round to get a look at the Nokia Lumia 800, Lumia 710 and the newly-announced Lumia 900s. But they are also keen to get a good look at the equally vibrant accessories.

Nokia Lumia 710 at CES 2012 booth

The Nokia Purity HD Stereo headsets are turning heads, impressing people with stunning sound quality and great looks to boot.

There is even a demo of a stress-test on a Nokia Lumia 710 phone.

Nokia 710 stress test at CES booth 2012

Nokia staffs the booth with in-house employees from around the company, a contrast to many booths who use agency demonstrators. Picked for their people skills, they share their genuine passion for the products, rather than reciting a script about them.

Traveling deeper into the booth, services available on the phones are highlighted including: Facebook, ESPN, Xbox Live, Nokia Maps and Location services.

Nokia Lumia 900 with ESPN at the CES booth 2010

Large demo screens help to get the message across about how exactly the apps work.

You can’t fail to be impressed and walk away with a good feeling about Nokia’s resurgence in the USA.

Nokia booth at CES 2012