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If you’re brave enough to grab your surfboard and are heading out in those treacherous seas – like the team from from the Finnsurf video- you’ll be wanting to make sure the surf’s right for riding. Sure, you could sit at home and watch the TV for the forecast, but we know you’ve got places to be. That’s why we’re bringing you several apps for Symbian and Nokia Lumia phones that might be useful to you surfer dudes – and dudettes, of course.

Magicseaweed, £Free – Nokia Lumia and Symbian

MSW forecast

MSW period

If you’re out surfing, you’ll need to know about the swell, the wind speeds and how high the surf is likely to be, this app keeps you up-to-date with all of these things and more, with a weeks forecast.

With live reports from trusted reporters, you’ll always know when the time is right to surf.

Surfing news, £Free – Symbian

If you like your news aggregated and in simple to read text form, this app is for you. Surfing news pulls all the surfing news from Feedzilla and delivers it to your mobile phone. Just plain and simple.

Surf & Weather Report, £Free – Nokia Lumia

Get the latest reports on weather in any part of the world, or use your phone’s GPS receiver to have local, relevant information. This app also has a forecast, preparing you five days in advance.

Would you take to the icy-waters in pursuit of extreme surfing? We’d like to hear from you, below.

Image credit: mikebaird