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January 14, 2012

Nokia N8 shoots the moon

Admittedly with the help of a telescope – but these videos from theycallthislife are *outstanding*!! (yes, I went there with the double exclamation marks)

Firstly, though, a little background. A couple of months ago Michael decided to take his N8 and, well, tear it down to its bare soul. It might make for painful reading for those of a sensitive disposition, so look away now if you don’t want to see the guts of a beautiful (in my opinion) phone.

Once he had completed the task (and understood just how the unit was put together), he rebuilt it (minus the rear casing) to see if it still worked. yes, of course it did! The next stage was to hook it up to his telescope using the high tech NASA-approved cardboard and rubber band method, in order to achieve the results he desired. And did he? Did he ever!

Such clear detail, it’s extraordinary to think that this video was shot using something that sits in your pocket for most of the day (OK, some of you guys have it in your hands more than your pockets) and is smaller than a cup of coffee. Anyway, not content with filming the moon, Michael set his sights a little further. A few hundred million kilometres further to be precise, and for the second half of the video focused his N8 on Jupiter. Yes it’s a little blurry, but the fact that you can see three moons of Jupiter using a *phone* has made me think a little bit.

For his second video, Michael went back to the moon (as you do) to capture some amazing detail. The craters of the moon stand out like the pock-marked skin of a teenager, and if you look closely I’m sure you can see footprints of the lucky men that have walked there.

All this, AND he’s promising an N8 vs. iPhone 4S camera shootout soon. Busy chap!

What did you do with your Nokia today? Time to make every day amazing – this is an open challenge to put your Nokia to a new and innovative use. Bring. It. On. (Oh, and let us know @Nokia_Connects, please)