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Nokia N9

Google the Nokia N9 and you get 48 million results. With so many web pages dedicated to a smartphone Engadget described as the “most lust-worthy slab of engineering ever seen,” we thought everything there was to know about the Nokia N9 had already been revealed. Turns out we were wrong. When we got in touch with the guys who created this tech masterpiece, they highlighted a host of facts or figures, tips or tricks they thought the world still needed to hear. Here’s nine of the best.

1. The N9 is made out of polycarbonate, the same material that jet fighters, such as the F-22, are made from.


2. If you forget to put your N9 on silent, you can turn it face down, or press any of the keys while it’s ringing, to silence it without hanging up.

3. The Product Manager for Nokia Maps brought sports shoes to the office every day, and walked over 50 km, to ensure the Nokia N9’s positioning solutions (GPS, cellid and WiFi) worked brilliantly.

Nokiia N9 Map

4. The quick launch bar provides quick access to the most common applications from any view by swiping from the bottom edge of the screen and holding your finger down midway.

5. There are four stylish hard covers, and two leather-carrying cases especially designed to protect the N9 from wear and tear.


6. The polycarbonate body is of same colour throughout so even deeper scratches won’t ruin its appearance.

7 The N9’s NFC not only allows you to exchange links, contacts, documents, photos, contacts and music with other NFC devices, but also simultaneously connect to more than one device, such as a speaker or headset.

8. Many lists, such as the contacts list, can be quickly panned to the desired position by sliding your finger up and down near the right edge of the view.

9. The standby screen has space for a small customizable image, which can be set using 3rd party software available from the Nokia Store.

Monkey Phonevia

If you think this list is long, it’s going to be a whole lot longer sometime soon. Why? Because the next update, PR1.2, will increase the fixes, tweaks and improvements since launch, to over 3500. In the meantime, if you’ve got any gems about the Nokia N9 you think nobody knows about, we’d love to hear about them here or @Nokia_Connects.