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GLOBAL – About a week ago, we asked you to take part in our mobile gaming, where do you play the most poll. And we’re quite surprised by the results which reveal the bedroom is No1 when it comes to gaming.

Poll results mobile gaming

Just over 30 per cent of you play on your phone in bed before traveling to the land of nod, suggesting games are fast replacing books at bedtime.

And 15.5 per cent opt to game on the bus or train on the way to work, probably finding it a good alternative to reading a newspaper in the cramped conditions public transport has to offer.

Gaming while watching TV appears in third place at 11 per cent. Loads of you nowadays are multi-skilled when it comes to home entertainment, effortlessly multitasking with one eye on the telly.

It turns out that 11 per cent of you play your mobile phone games in the bathroom, the fourth most popular location.

The “other” option received just over six per cent of ticks in our survey. One of these locations was “on the toilet”. Guys, that’s kind of what we meant by “in the bathroom”. Another answer was “during meetings”. Hope the boss doesn’t catch you out on that one.

As for the 0.41 per cent who play “while walking”, well, lots of luck with that.

What do you think? Is gaming really preferable to a newspaper or good book?