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January 18, 2012

Nokia Drive and Maps – getting you where you need to be

You probably know your way to work or school by now, and how to get to the shops, but what about when you have to find somewhere that you’ve never been before?

via Pocket Lint

Look no further than your pocket/purse. Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive, coupled with Nokia Car Mode (if you’re driving, clearly) will get you there quickly, accurately and above all safely.

So let’s have a look at what people are saying about getting there with their Nokia. First, I’ll turn to our friends at Nokia Conversations, who brought news last week that for Nokia owners with phones that run the Nokia Belle OS are able to download Nokia Car Mode from the Nokia Store (with support for the N9 coming at a later date. The details and video give a clear explanation of what’s what, so I’ll leave it to them to explain.

Someone who has taken a Nokia on vacation was Farhan from Sense Applied, who has branded Nokia Maps on his N8 as a ‘life saver’, for finding everything in Thailand from mosques to malls. And imagine the peace of mind in this situation:

the Tuk Tuk I took on new year’s eve to my hotel in Bangkok started taking side streets [but] a quick glance on the Nokia Map assured me that we are going the right way


Alejandro Parjus has shared some videos over at everythingwm that show the future (well…the future of navigation on Nokia Lumia phones at least)

Heads up to Mark at The Nokia Blog for the vid

Alejandro calls each application (he also shared the videos of Nokia City Lens and Nokia Transport) ‘great in their own way and definitely useful to any daily commuter or traveler’. Enough said.

Over at Pocket Lint, Stuart Miles also got a demo of Nokia Transport, and put it to practical use, getting directions from the venue to his hotel. I’ll let him explain what happened next:

A quick check later and it came back with the results suggesting we take the city’s monorail service. It then detailed how to get to the monorail, which station to get on at, how long to the next station and how long the entire journey would take.

It also, more importantly, included waiting times letting us that there was a train leaving in 3 minutes, 9 minutes and beyond, all in a scrollable interface that should make it very easy to plan ahead.

Sounds like a great way to get around.

What’s the most interesting journey you’ve ever taken using Nokia Maps? Looking forward to getting all AR with City Lens? Let us know @Nokia_Connects, or leave me a comment.