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January 18, 2012

Rolling with the Nokia Lumia 800

Ari Partinen, our resident expert photographer, has taken the Nokia Lumia 800 on a special photo tour, and brings us not only his snaps, but his thoughts on the camera too.

Hello my fellow imaging enthusiasts and mobile snappers. It’s been a while since my latest post and lots has happened since.

‘The biggest thing in my Nokia life, naturally, was the announcement of the new Nokia with windows phone, Lumia 800.’

Despite my undeniable love of the Nokia N8 I decided to leave it in my drawer when I flew off to Asia a few weeks ago. Instead I packed a fresh out of the box Lumia 800 with me in order to test it in the field and of course to share my highly unscientific test results with you guys. This time I didn´t concentrate on any specific topic but I tried to cover several different use cases from sceneries to macros and low light.

When it comes to image quality comparison with Nokia N8 and Lumia 800, the N8 still remains the king. Design targets and principles were naturally very different with these two products but it makes me smile to realize how important imaging is for Nokia. And in this sense Lumia will not disappoint. The imaging capabilities are still there to deliver amazing results and to convey nice holiday memories back home. And about conveying memories I will not even start to praise the image sharing capabilities in Facebook, Twitter and other social media. That would require a dedicated blog post but let me tell you, the Lumia really shines!

‘When it comes to camera usability the improvements are vast the first and most notable that pops out is the very fast and easy to use image preview. Images are available for preview immediately after the capture just by swiping the display to the left. A swipe to the right takes user right back to the camera. Very nice!’

Also the touch to focus deserves attention. Touching a point on the screen locks the autofocus and auto exposure to the selected point. Also very convenient feature for people not too accustomed with a “half press and re-frame way of shooting”.

One more thing I wanted to highlight in my very unscientific post is the ease of modifying the settings on the camera. All the settings are right there on the lower right corner and if you are like me, thinking that if it´s possible to modify something that needs to be done, you will definitely appreciate this.

I will definitely come back to imaging with Windows soon so stay tuned.


Here’s some more snaps that Ari took. Pretty awesome, aren’t they? Leave him a comment with your observations or questions, or drop us a tweet @Nokia_Connects and we’ll pass them on.