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Taking photos

GLOBAL – Once you’ve captured an amazing photo with your Nokia phone, that’s just the beginning of the fun. Sharing that photo with other people around the world is the next step in showing off your creative ability.

That’s where Flickr comes in. Flickr is used across the globe by different people who all have one thing in common, a love of photography – even for amateurs. We’ve dug deep into the Flickr stats to find out what the most popular Nokia phones are when it comes to uploads and have some Flickr member images to share, too.

The Nokia N95 launched in 2007 and became a favourite among media-hungry users. Since then, it has become the most used Nokia cameraphone when it comes to taking a photo and uploading it to Flickr. To date, there have been 7,492,485 photos stored on Flickr, taken from a Nokia N95, with around 140 people still uploading images daily.

Nokia N95


In second place, and with 4,302,903 images uploaded, the Nokia N73 continues to be the cameraphone of choice for many.

Nokia N73

From Syri_pz.

Reaching 2,889,818 uploads, the Nokia N70 still gets some good shutter-action for a device that was launched in 2005.

Nokia N70

From daniel.julia.

There’s 1,943,762 photos on Flickr that have been taken with the Nokia 6300, the first phone in this list to run the Series 40 OS and typically not thought-of as a smartphone.

Nokia 6300

From grantmr.

At the tail end of our list of five top Nokia-Flickr photo uploads is the Nokia N82 with 1,586,206 uploads to date.

Nokia N82

From flypig.

What about the Nokia N8?

While the above phones have claimed their place in the top five Nokia cameraphones – as far as Flickr photo uploads are concerned – what does that say about the Nokia N8 and its 12-megapixel camera? After all, it has won the Mobile Choice best camera phone award.

When it comes to quantity, the phones that we’ve already talked about have been around for a long time, up to six years in fact. These phones are obviously still being used across the globe and people are still continuing to use them as their main camera.

The Nokia N8 is a fairly new phone in comparison. However, looking at another set of Flickr statistics, we can see the amount of average daily users. This doesn’t just count the total images uploaded, but how many people on a day to day basis are taking photos and uploading.

In first place the Nokia C3 sees the most upload action, with 187 people (on average) uploading their photos every day. The Nokia N8 is just slightly behind, receiving 171 active daily users.

What’s more surprising? The fact the Nokia N8 is second, or that the Nokia C3 is first?

We predict that over time, the Nokia N8 will continue to be used as the amazing cameraphone that it is.

What happens to your photos once you’ve taken them? Do you upload them straight to Flickr, or do you use another service? We’d be interested to hear your preferred upload service. Use the comments section below to let us know.