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GLOBAL – CES is over for another year – and we’ve got some souvenirs to remember Las Vegas by. So place your bets on these apps and you can’t lose. Well, you can, but you won’t feel the pain of saying goodbye to your cash in the casino. In fact you could actually improve your skills at Poker, Klondike or Black Jack, on these Symbian and Nokia Lumia apps, so you can win big next year.

Full House Poker, £2.29 – Nokia Lumia

Full House Poker

This game is usually played with a group of people all competing for the same thing, the pot. The pot is the term used to described the amount of chips collected from all the players from a hand. Each person is dealt two cards, with the dealer placing a further series of cards to the table where you’ll decide whether to raise bet, raise or fold after each deal. Having the winning hand, playing your cards right as well as “playing” your opponent will have you reaping the rewards.

Roulette, £Free – Nokia Lumia


Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games in the world. It’s all about luck and playing the odds. The Roulette wheel spins around while a white ball is dropped in, on the chance it will land on either a red or black tile, an odd or an even number, or even a specific number that you would have chosen before the wheel started to spin.

If you guessed where your ball would land correctly, you win. Congratulations, pick up your chips and head to the bar.

Black Jack, £Free – Symbian

Black Jack 01

Black Jack 02

Black Jack is typically a game of two people, you and the card dealer. The dealer will initially deal you a two card hand and depending on the value of those two cards (by adding the two numbers) you can ask for more cards. Getting your cards as close to the value of 21 is the key to winning, the trouble is, you’ll never know what card is coming next.

Crazy Casino, £Free – Nokia Lumia

Crazy Casino cards

Crazy Casino slots

For those with no preference to a specific game, Crazy Casino is a good place to start. It includes various Blackjack games, numerous slot machines to play with and a couple of Poker games thrown in for good measure.

Solitaire Qt, £Free – Symbian

Solitaire Qt

When it comes to card games, this isn’t strictly a casino game. If you like playing with cards, but don’t like the gambling side of it, then Solitaire is the game for you and it’s probably the simplest of games for people just starting out.

The aim of the game is to arrange a deck of 52 cards into descending number order, by turning over one card at a time. Turn over a card, place it on the card on the right that has a higher value by just one and is a different colour. Continue this process until you can start to order these cards into their suits, this time in ascending order.

What’s your game? Personally, I like a bit of Roulette.

Image credit: John-Morgan