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January 20, 2012

Future Tech: C.E.S. edition

Many CES attendees will look back on their Vegas experience as one big head-spinning blur of high octane tech-induced intensity.

via VentureBeat

‘What on *earth* just happened? ’, their gadget-overloaded brains strain to deduce.

Fortunately, fans of Nokia with Windows Phone didn’t need to suffer this haze. The Lumia 900 announcement saw to this; enabling said fans to know exactly what they took away from the event. For these folks it was not ‘just another year’; it was a seminal year in the evolution of the company.

That said, the Nokia Lumia 900 wasn’t the only thing that set pulses racing and tongues wagging. Sift through the information overload that a trade show of CES’ magnitude inevitably serves up, and you realise that some very cool stuff happened…

Here’s our 5 favourite things from Vegas:

1) Glasses-free 3D TV

Sony and Toshiba seemed to be on the same page by showing off the technology that *may* make watching TV in 3D possible in the future without those headache-inducing glasses. Now I have watched my brother-in-law’s 3D TV, and seen 3D movies in the theatre, and I have to say that watching without the glasses would be amazing. With two players in the market this tech should be consumer-ready quite soon – and cheaply if at all possible. Please.

via The HDTV Genie

2) Mould-your-own Earphones

I’m quite similar to the presenter in this video. I can never get in-ear earbuds to stay put (which is why I rock the mighty and awesome Nokia BH-905i’s). Some clever boffins have worked out that not all ears are the same – genius! – and so has come up with a nifty way to mould a pair of earbuds to an individual ‘earprint’.

via Endgadget

In four or five minutes, you can have something custom built to your personal spec and ready to go (compare this to the last tailored suit I had made on Savile Row, which took weeks). If my BH-905i’s weren’t so cool, I’d be seriously tempted.

3) Gorilla glass 2

I took a look at this the other day, but it’s worthy of a place on this list because of all that it promises. Not just slimmer, larger screens for our phones (I’m happy with what I have right now), but that they’ll also be stronger – just watching the video of piling the pressure on the glass makes me wince. But imagine how it would survive if you sat on it…

via WareGround

4) Kinect-controlled Skateboard

I always fancied skateboarding, but the prospect of road rash (and the complete lack of coordination, balance and grace) meant I never quite made it to the half-pipe. It seems now, though, like I’ll be able to olly, flip and grind the rails (did I say those right?) to my heart’s content with the Board of Awesomeness – well, maybe just go forwards a bit, if this video is anything to go by:

Still, it’s a start and I’m sure there’s more coming soon…

5) Lumia 900

Of course this was going to make our Top 5! The Nokia Lumia 900 was announced and received a boatload of love from everyone in Las Vegas and a lot who weren’t – this comment stream is well worth reading.

I think Paul said it best on Monday in his Nokia Lumia 900 post, but the video is worth sharing again:

What did you see at CES that you think will blow your mind in the future? Got any ideas of your own for Future Tech? Let us know in the comments, or drop us a line @Nokia_Connects (via DM if you want to keep your idea secret!)