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Lumia 900

LAS VEGAS, NV, United States – Marketing terms get thrown around left and right, especially at events like the Consumer Electronics Show. So, how do we make sure that marketing terms such as 4G and LTE apply to us?

For starters, let’s check in to see what LTE really means. LTE is short for Long Term Evolution or more officially 3GPP Long Term Evolution for the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System.

But, for the sake of conversation, let’s call it LTE.

LTE is the next generation of mobile technology being deployed worldwide. So far, here in the United States, AT&T and Verizon Wireless are the LTE carriers of choice thus far.

The recently announced Nokia Lumia 900 will support the AT&T LTE network, and is among the first Windows Phone devices to do so.

Theoretically, LTE is capable of delivering super fast data speeds. For the data geeks, LTE is capable of speeds up to ten times faster than traditional 3G networks.

The most notable idea behind LTE is how it reduces latency, or the ping times up to the cloud. This means any web-linked apps will start and respond faster.

Apps, Apps, Apps

LTE and 4G technologies represent an amazing step forward for mobile networks and for mobile applications. It’s equivalent to when you ditched your dial-up modem for broadband at home.

For example, with reduced latency, mobile video applications will be absolutely amazing on an LTE network. Tango is¬†the video calling app for Windows Phone,¬†supporting video conferencing on the mobile. With the front-facing, wide-profile camera and whopping 4.3″ screen, Tango on the Nokia Lumia 900 looks amazing.

Also, imagine your YouTube video and sports content via an LTE network. You’ll be able to stream video without even thinking about it.

Battery life matters

One major factor with any LTE-based phone is battery life. Fortunately, Nokia bore this in mind when they created the Lumia 900, giving it an extra-large 1830 mAh battery. With this device, you can message, video call and make regular calls without worrying too much about how much juice you’ve got left.

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