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LONDON, United Kingdom – It’s that moment you’ve been waiting for, your shiny new Nokia Lumia 800 has arrived. You can’t wait to add your best mates to your mobile, but then you know you won’t want to wait for the transfer to end either.

Well, Vodafone and Yoda are here to save the day. Using the power of Vodafone RED Box, your photos, videos, music and address book are all transferred simply and securely.

There, we’ve managed to explain all that without using Yoda’s odd sentence construction.

Work, how it does?

The pilot scheme, launched in the UK allows you to pop in to your local Vodafone store with your Nokia Lumia 800 and old mobile, and the staff will hook you up and transfer all your contacts and content from one phone to the other, its that simple.

Nokia Lumia 800 with Yoda in Vodafone ad

It works with over 3,000 phones and automatically updates when your phone is plugged in, to make it compatible with new phones as they are launched.

It also backs up all your content onto a USB disk drive in case the worst happens. All you need to do is tell people at the store what you need to transfer.

Check out the video for the full force of Lumia and Vodafone RED Box.