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GLOBALEnter Shikari – A Flash Flood of Colour: BANDS are dead, that’s what people in the music business were saying at the end of last year. The future belongs to solo artists because they are more cost-effective and tend not to have fights among themselves or threaten to split over artistic differences.

How refreshing then, that Enter Shikari have become the first major No.1 album of the year. If nothing else, even if you hate their music, they have at least managed to stake a claim for other bands in general.

They’re raw, aggressive and sound like a cross between thrash metal and hardcore house, with a large dose of dubstep thrown in. The promo video featured above hints at subversion. And you only have to read their blog to realise they are an indie electro band from suburbia.

Enter Shikari’s third studio album, A Flash Flood of Colour, is top of the Nokia Music album chart, the highest ever for the St Albans rockers. No wonder they keep tweeting about it.

Enter Shikari